Create your own branded mobile app with full marketing, monetization, analytical, technical support at no initial cost or for a monthly payment!

What will you get with MobiWise

MobiWise creates your branded app in order to monetize your content
and acquire new users, so you can start earning more!
Alternative channel for content monetization
Audience enlargement with new customers attraction
Adaptive format with fully customized design
Marketing, Analytical and technical support

Terms of collaboration

per month
  • iOS app
  • Technical support
  • 10 gigabytes for content
  • Store (for extra payment )
  • Custom improvements (for extra payment )
  • Application and platform updates
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revenue share
from your sales
  • iOS app
  • Android app
  • Design development
  • Support in development content structure
  • Technical support
  • 200 gigabytes for content
  • Application and platform updates
  • Store
  • Support in creating store accounts
  • Store accounts consultation
  • Monetization guide for mobile apps
  • Mobile application marketing guide
  • Development of basic onboardings
  • Development and testing of various onboardings to find the most effective
  • Testing various monetization models
  • Iterative improvements of the application for testing different versions
  • ASO Setup
  • ASO Setup Guide
  • Appsflyer analytics integration to track where the audience comes from
    • Integration of the analytical system tracking user actions inside the application
    • Monthly analytical report of audience behavior
    • Monthly analytical report where the audience comes from
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    How it works?

    We analyze your content with the audience
    We adapt the obtained data and create fully customized app
    We take upon ourselves all of the technical issues to launch
    Develop the strategy for app development
    Carry the test launch
    Finalize the app launch in App Store and Google Market within a month since the start of collaboration

    We are the ones whom you need to step on next level on making profit!

    Personalized app for free
    Increase of monthly revenue stream
    Acquisition of new followers

    Our projects

    Case MAMA PRO
    Initially MamaPro was launched by one blogger, as an app about childbirth. A few months later, it grew into a full-fledged educational product about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood.

    The app consists of valuable content and classes from different experts, doctors, and other industry professionals. The project dynamic growth caught sponsors attention and became attractive for international brands content integration. Overall, this dynamic growth pushes the app on the next level and gives a great opportunity for further development.
    App features

    If you possess unique content and strive to generate recurring revenue — MobiWise is for you!

    Bloggers, Influencers and Coaches
    Organizations that provide
    online education
    Schools and Academies

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why we need the app?
    It is an alternative channel for you to increase your community engagement and generate additional recurring revenue
    The world becomes mobile. And the use of mobile app is the best way to be engaged in the educational content while using the smartphone.
    Do I need to abandon the existing channels?
    No. With the app we complement to already existing channels that you have. Therefore, because we do not replace anything, there is no need to abandon any of your channels.
    How will it work?
    Using the white label app, we will brand it following your visual design preferences and customize it to your content. The app will be released in App Store and Google Market within 3–4 weeks with further marketing, analytical and technical support.
    How much does it cost?
    There are 2 ways of collaboration:

    1) Revenue share from your sales. No initial investments are required

    2) A monthly payment
    What is needed from my side?
    If we work on a basis of revenue share, only unique content and loyal community who is interested in it are needed . We will analyze your product and existing audience, come up with a marketing strategy and help to promote your app to make it successful. If you don't want to work on a basis of revenue share, you can choose the option of monthly payment.
    What will it give to me?
    • Alternative channel for revenue and various ways for upselling.
    • Strong brand image.
    • Scale of the existing customer base, by the attraction of new clients.
    • Increased audience engagement.
    Why not just develop a native app from scratch?
    The advantage of collaboration with MobiWise is that we will minimize the barriers for entries and length of development cycles. Moreover, our team of professionals will provide excellent work in short time with no initial costs being required or for a monthly payment . Overall, with MobiWise you will not need to worry about any technical, marketing or analytical support and will be able to focus on your content creation, in order to increase the revenue.
    How MobiWise is different from other mobile App Building Platforms?
    MobiWise is simplier and easier to use than other platforms. Furthermore, it can be fully adapted to your requirements regarding the content and design, so the best outcome can be achieved.
    Can I make changes to my app after it is published?
    Yes, whenever you need and as much as you need. Most updates are automatically pushed to everyone who has the app on their phone, so that all of your changes can easily reach your audience.
    Is it easy to maintain and update my app?
    Yes! MobiWise eliminates all the inconvenience for you regarding the maintenance and update of the app. You maintain the content and MobiWise will do the rest; from app submission and maintenance to marketing and monetization strategy provision.
    Have any questions?

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