Create your own educational mobile app. Get more revenue from your current students

Get your own app - cheap, quick and easy. Promote it via your students with our help. Earn more

Using mobile app you can make upsales for your students
and earn more
We are increase revenue by 15% per student on average

If you have an educational content and students - this is for you
Because the world is mobile now

Millenials and genaration Z = love their smartphones
87% - "Smartphone never leaves my side"
60% - "I believe in the next five years everything will be done on a smarthone"
Apps have better UX
Apps are faster then web-pages and other non-native media

Apps have better personalization options
Apps are direct way to communicate with users, research their needs and adapt for behaviours
Why an app, not a desktop?
Usually, creating an app is a long, hard and expensive process. Building an app with us is easy, fast and cheap
We brand it following your visual brand guildelines and uploading a content. Releasing an app to AppStore an Google Play.
Consulting you about marketing and sales

We already have a whitelabel app

We provide with an app and all supporting services for free.

We help you to monetize your content through an app. And working on a basis of revenue share from you sales through it.
Your success is our success.
How much does building
an app cost?
Just content, your brand visual guidelines and your students
What is needed
from you?
What you
dont need to do?
Pay a lot for the development of an expensive and complicated product
Just pay % from revenue
Manage complicated app
support tools

Everything is easy with us
Hire tech staff for app support
We are supporting the app
Learn how to release an app on the AppStore and Google Play
We will release the app and take care about Apple and Google Term and Conditions for apps
What benefits do you get?
Keep your busines up-to-date
You need to use learning channels that your students love. Teach them on the platform they love the most
Communicate and get marketing insights
Communicate with all of your audince directly through push-notifications. Use the data from app to get more business insights
Improve your brand
Using the latest trends in technology and personalized approach can improve your customer flow. A lot.
Increase revenue
Make upsales to your current students easily and increase your revenue. And - even get new students through the app!
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