What should we do to start working on this app?

Three basics stages are:
1) Contact us to make an agreement.
2) Start promoting the app to your fans to track the engagement through pre-order campaigns and userbase polls.
3) Get the finished app in a short time and start user acquisition to set up the sustainable subscription revenue.

Will this app be customized for me?

It will be customized on the branding side, fully referred to you and your content. The in-app features and user flows are based on our whitelabel platform and developed by the experts in product management.

How does the revenue share work?

To discuss the revenue share, please, contact us.

What kind of features will such an app have?

It depends on the sphere of your content: fitness, animation, education, personal brand, etc. Basically, the app includes the list of features that would cover everything necessary to make this sort of content work.

Is there also a website version, or is it only app-based?

Only app-based at the moment.

I am interested, what should my next steps be?

Please, contact us to discuss details and make the agreement.

Is there a way I can use someone’s app to see how the app works?

Yes. Please, check the links on the app pages to check our other available apps.

Do you also provide customer support?

Yes, we provide full customer and tech support.

What revenue percentage do you take?

To discuss the percentage, please, contact us.

What is your operating business model?

The business model is revenue share-based: we provide the client with a personalized app with all the required services and monetization funnel set up for free. In return, the client provides content and attracts users to install the app to get the major part of the subscription revenue. No initial costs from the client’s side required.

Would someone come to film me work out?

No, the content-making is up to the client.

Will the app be mine or will I be sharing it with other coaches?

It will be yours only, customized to your tastes.

Will the app be branded with your company name or will it be 100% branded as the athlete’s?

The app is fully branded after the client’s business identity. Our logo will only be at the bottom of the launch screen.

How often would I be able to add content?

As often as you want. Your are the expert with your audience and know what the best timing is.

Still have questions?

If you didn't find the answer to your question in the FAQ, submit your question to us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.